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Become An Ambassador:

They live the Bullspree lifestyle!

Create a portfolio of skills, experiences, and rewards and trade globally.
Their mission is to create the most comprehensive toolkit in the world, driving community engagement, which includes

  • Bullspree Badge
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement
  • Recognised as 'Driver of Change
  • Get the best referral fee in our community


Become an Ambassador

Role of Bullspree Ambassador


You'll be invaluable in helping spread awareness of how an app like Bullspree can improve a social community's experience.

Advance Financial Literacy

Educate and help people master their personal finances.

Participate in Discussions

Share your insights on various investment topics and engage with peers in regular discussions.

Launch Competitions

Help yourself to the ever-growing collection of Ambassador Competitions and hone the community's investment portfolio management skills.

Encourage Investment

You will catalyse people to learn about investment and form good money habits.

Become an Influencer

Be an influential member of the community who helps other community members make the right investment decisions